As a person who believes Taco Tuesday is the best holiday of the week; I feel like there must be a once and for all list that will guide the folk of Los Angeles into the right direction. Quit eating bland tacos, and especially quit eating tacos that have too much going on. This isn’t a Taco Bell Gordita Super Ultra Wrap Supreme Megastrosity list. That’ll come later. This list is a focus on the simple, 3-5 ingredient, holy cuisine known as street tacos.

09 – Hudson House

Hudson House Taco Tuesday

Hudson House Taco Tuesday – Photo Credit Hudson House Instagram

Hudson House off of PCH in Redondo Beach has fantastic food, and an even better beer selection. You would think this very busy South Bay restaurant would be satisfied there, right? Wrong. These guys decided to take their trendy bistro and turn it into a glorious Tuesday night destination. Competing with the best of them, their carnitas tacos are simple, juicy and full of flavor. Another great part of Hudson House on Tuesdays aside from their $1.00 delicious tacos? Their deals on beer. Maybe not top choice beer, but hey, who’s upset about a Tecate with a carnitas taco?  I put Hudson House at #9, not because they come in 9th compared to these other spots, but because they’re not really a taco spot other than their oh so holy Taco Tuesdays. So, it’s a little unfair to list them any higher, but I refused to make this list without including them. It’s easily one of the best in the South Bay. But also, you can’t stop me.

08 – Guerrilla Tacos

Guerrilla Tacos

Guerrilla Tacos – Photo Credit:

What started out as a two person food cart, quickly became a food truck sensation. One of the few taco/food trucks you’ll find that creates its menu entirely off of what’s locally and freshly available. It really is a treat. These tacos are a bit more exquisite than the standard taco truck taco, but they pull it off and for that reason, they’re my #8. Their location jumps around throughout the week, so check their schedule on their website:


07 – La Flor de Yucatan

La Flor de Yucatan - Photo Credit:

La Flor de Yucatan – Photo Credit:

So this one will be tough to focus on only tacos, but I have to. This place has so much good food and baked goods, but their tacos with their beautifully presented pickled onions are delicious and a must eat! Slow cooked meats have a flavor that slaps you in the face and tells you that you like it, then you ask for another.


01 – Tacos El Koritan

Tacos El Korita - Photo Credit: The Great Taco Hunt

Tacos El Korita – Photo Credit: The Great Taco Hunt

This is by far the best. Go now. Go. GO! 4211 E Olympic Blvd Los Angeles.