So here it is. Valentines Day has come and gone, and come back again. Crap. As a guy I know this can mean bad news… because… well… I’m still eating Christmas leftovers and possibly nursing a New Years hangover and this day just snuck up on me. Lucky for me, and all of you I am writing an article showing all of you Southland dwellers exactly where to go to save your relationship, should the planning be in your hands.

Head South of the Border

And get that fiesta started at El Carmen

el carmen los angeles
(Photo Credit – Five Pacific)

If you’ve never heard of the El Carmen, you may not be alone. However, the energy here is larger than the walls can contain and may cause the room to implode. From a full menu of great Mexican food to an unbelievable cocktail list that will have you calling Uber to get home. Located on W. 3rd St. in Los Angeles.

The Thai-pe of Place You Want to Be

Palms Thai Restaurant

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Two Words: Wild Things. This place has a menu full of deer, boar, frog legs ang quail. Talk about untraditional for the big V-Day. The food is excellent, and the environment is… well… unique, with its live entertainment.  Located on Hollywood Boulevard.

Stop Foraging for Ideas

And visit Forage

forage los angeles(Photo Credit –

Forage is a very unique and delicious restaurant.  They source all of their food locally (luckily they filter the locally sourced water). You can’t beat the quality here, and the Pork Belly Sandwich is perfect. They maintain a delicious, yet ever changing menu due to what’s available locally. Located on Sunset.


Spend All of Your Money

At the Wonderful Mélisse

meliss(Photo Credit –

With more awards than Kanye West, Melisse is one heck of a spot. Ranging from truffles to caviar, you will most likely try something you’ve never had here, and will spend a fortune doing so. Empty the wallet because a caviar starts around $150. Located off of Wilshire in Santa Monica.

Feel Classy While You Pretend to be a 1960’s Ad Man

You can be Don Draper at The Prince in K-Town

prince2(Photo Credit –

When you think of “restaurant and bar in k-town” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Amazing fried chicken right? Well, The Prince just might be the best fried chicken outside the South. This is a famous spot in LA, very popular for it’s classic decor, fried chicken, and of course being a popular spot for the show Mad Men. Located on 7th St. in Los Angeles.


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