What does it take to be a grown-up?  Do you have to make a lot of money? Do you have to have a steady job and kids? Do you have to do conference calls and board meetings? Do you have to write TPS reports? Aboutttt that… We’re gonna need you to work this weekend.. and every other weekend for the foreseeable future. Or can you be a grown-up that follows dreams?

Maybe being a grown-up means you have to come to the realization that doing the things that make you happy, is what really makes you successful, not the money in your bank account or lack thereof. I don’t think I’ll ever know the answer to that question. And honestly I don’t know if I’ll ever really want to be one.

All I know is that I’m sitting here with no money in my bank account, I couldn’t even get gas today at those gas stations that only take debit cards but have the cheapest gas, I had to cruise down the street on fumes to use my credit card for twenty cents more a gallon, but I couldn’t be happier! You want to know why am so happy? Because after one month of scraping together my pennies, and convincing this guy to take partial payments, I’ve got that beautiful behemoth of a food trailer in my driveway.

I finally jumped off the cliff, I quit talking and started walking the walk. I don’t know how I’m going to get pots and pans yet, hell at this point I can’t even get a stick of butter, which every cajun cook knows you gotta start with butter, but you know what? I’m happy!  And I’m not worried in the slightest about all of the rest of these puzzle pieces falling into place. So hold on to your butts, because the future is bright and delicious! Introducing STUFTstream! Your taste buds are tingling I know! Much more to come, and don’t worry your buds are safe with me! Keep up cuz this train is rolling, into your bellies!

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